Mapping contest

Wenchy, who runs the Hidden Cow server is running his very own mapping contest. Starting on June 10th, prospective mappers have until Friday July 10th to put in some hard graft and make an entry.

All that hard work is made worthwhile with the prize of $20 worth of games from Steam – so head on over and show your interest by entering at the compo thread!

6 Responses to “Mapping contest”

  1. beron says:

    Greetings help please,

    In game I do not hear an extension?
    When by прошол she is silent and should begin to squeak that it is necessary to do?

  2. KultCut says:

    mmh i dont think so..

  3. Nick says:

    lol i have a question (its probably right in front of me but) how do i install that game to play?

  4. malde says:

    can you guys make this game for mac please 😀

  5. paul jackson says:

    loved this game from its birth. you guys thinking of remake using another engine? let me know as i can help. specially with modeling and maps.
    cryengine maybe? 😉

  6. xpdnt says:

    i downloaded the game but it just gives me a bunch of files, how do i play

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