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So we’ve had a sudden influx of players (hello, welcome, please join the forum and play nicely) because of appearing on youtube thanks to some guys that people know. This has also meant that I’ve gotten another flood of messages / comments / carrier pigeon dispatches about the fact that the mod is dead.

Let me clear that up now – it’s not dead, at worst it’s been in a hibernation as the team have had to go off and get rent paying jobs and re-adjust our focus now that we’re not students any more. That means that we can’t spend 8 hours a day working on the hidden and that sometimes, just sometimes, other stuff comes first. Sorry if that upsets you, but that’s just how it is. We’ll be more public about what we’re doing when we’re ready, there’s nothing worse than us saying “next week” and it actually taking 3 months for what ever it is we want to show you to be ready (we don’t have the cachet to get away with “Valve Time” style timelines after all).

We understand you want updates and fancy new stuff, but we don’t want to give you something that’s more broken than what you’re currently playing – as it’s been several years since our last release, we’re also working hard on overhauling lots of the visuals and getting that right takes time too. We’ll get there when we get there, we want to get new things in your hands almost as much as you want it after all!

In other news, the guys over at Hidden Cow are running another mapping competition, so if you’re handy with Hammer head over to this here forum post and take a look. There’s a $15 steam voucher up for grabs for the winner and it’s got an amusing requirement for map entries.

If you want to get more regular stuff from us, the best place to go is the forum, it’s much more likely that we’ll comment about what we’re up to in there than on the front page – though I will try and keep this more up to date in an attempt to stave off the “it’s dead, let me have everything you’ve made!” comments.

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  1. JimmyTheCake says:

    Wow it’s been a while 🙂
    Thanks for the news!

  2. starstriker1 says:

    Nice! It’s great to hear that you’re still hammering away at the mod. If there’s really been an influx of players, maybe I ought to be re-installing and having some fun with the poor newbies…

  3. Gauci31 says:


  4. HybriDGamingHD says:

    I have a suggestion. I know at least 15 people that are on a mac and really like this game. The only problem is its not for mac. This is my suggestion if you could make this game for mac, I guarantee this would get a lot of love.

  5. Boba Fett says:

    Oh,its great,hidden alive!)

  6. Jessi says:

    I’m glad you guys are doing well and moving forward in life. I’ve been playing Hidden since the first couple of releases and would like to mention that it is “The” Most fun HL2 mod I’ve played. I love the concept and evolution of the game. I’m looking forward to a new release and support of this game, when you have time of course. Good luck guys.

  7. Bkid says:

    Aside from the unkickable “ghosts” that appear in servers at times, it is definitely playable (with enough mods/plugins/temporary fixes on the server :P). I put up a server the 3rd day I played the game, and it’s pretty much been up since.

    So don’t sweat it, guys. Take your time and do what you can, when you can. :]

  8. maxfaxtrax says:

    1337 game

  9. To all the people that are realistic, and intelligent enough to understand exactly what this post means, as well as relate to and wish luck to these awesome developers; Ku-fucking-dos.

    I haven’t even had an opportunity to try to download it, let alone play it. But as a 15+ year gamer, I have to say this looks more fun than half the crap the idiot, money-grabbing shithat corporations are pushing out with $6 million dollar budgets, and 100 fucking man teams.

    I just wanna shout out to SeaNanners who I was JUST introduced to last night, with the hunted by morgan freeman, which I’ve watched about 7-8 times and nearly pissed myself laughing at, and getting ridiculously excited over. Just to play it for like one round as The Hidden.

    Now I’m not sure it will work the first, tenth or fiftieth time I try to install it, and get it smooth. But I’ve tried more times for games that quite frankly, in comparison to what this mod could be, were just a basket of useless wasted time.

    So, in a nutshell I’m quite looking forward to gettin’ on the forums, getting it to work, and helping the fucking in-coming tsunami of people that after the success of DayZ pick this up and make it viral, get it to work too.

    Just you have one very geeky super-nerd, who is very passionate behind ya hahaha For whatever that is worth.

    –In conclusion [mostly], as a rather old PC gamer, and just overall GAMER. [25 years old]–

    Dude with the Mac comment, I have the most perfect of solutions for you. Take your Mac right, and install this thing called GET A FUCKING PC AND THROW THAT APPLE SHIT OUT.

    Sorry, I love Apple products, and as a media creating whore love the Mac for what it was created for. But if you want to play this game for real, if you can afford the ree-fucking-diculous prices of a Mac, you can get a nice little 3-4-5-600$ laptop, with the specs to easily play it. I’ve had this dual-core AMD HP, for three years with an ATI Mobility Radeon HD4250 which is quite capable for what it is. I can play Skyrim with high graphics, with the ReadyBoost ability using a 16gb flash drive as memory, nice and sexy smooth. So stop whining.

    If you’re like 18 and new to what it takes to make a great PC Mod, then shut up and get out. Great games take time, energy, passion and sometimes just raw manpower.

    So anyways, if you want to reply directly, to agree, completely disagree and call me a fucking asshole, troll me or whatever the fuck. Look me up on YouTube same username as I put my name as, and let’r rip. I’ll discuss, debate, scare you with the most vulgar and fould of language, and counter-troll your face off as necessary.

    If you read this far, you are a champ, and just again to the developers of The Hidden, I’m fucking excited, and good luck. If you need money, to help with rent and such to kinda pursue this mod I’d be quite happy to set up a fund-raiser to help out.

    SneakAttack879 aka Alex C

  10. Larry says:

    You got a bug on the webpage, after i click this article, and then go to any other section of the site i get 404 error
    etc. etc.

  11. xMaris says:

    Glad to see the dev(s) is aware of this! IGNITE will support our 10+ servers as long as you guys are! We are glad to see this becoming far more popular.

  12. ChildoftheKoRn says:

    I just watched the youtube video with a Morgan Freeman impersonator. I used to play the shit out of this game. After these few years its good to see just an update reminding everyone its still around. You’ve made fans of most of us and we’re just eager to see the game thrive.

  13. Leetflakes says:

    Hidden is one of the best game/mod i have played and i think it would be better to work on crash fixes rather than content updates, as cool as it may sound with new maps and weapons it would be nice to be able to play more than 30mins to 2hours and do long 8+hours marathon.

    In short: prioritize fixes over content.

    Like i said it is one of the best mod/game i have played

  14. GummyBums says:

    When you guys get near completion you should consider getting this game Greenlit on Steam. 🙂

  15. Agrajag says:

    How about a game mode with periodically respawning health packs for the hidden? That might give IRIS a reason to spread out across the map

  16. Jester Lewis says:

    I’m really glad to hear, that H:S is NOT dead. It’s my opinion too, that your Mod is one of the finest and riveting (?) ever. If you’d sell it, I’d pay for it. Is there a way to spend you a little amount for your great work and appreciate what you’re doing?
    Let us know and thanks for hours of fun!

  17. Ging says:

    You’re aware that the Hidden can “feed” from IRIS corpses to get health back? Sort of defies the point of giving it health packs!

  18. adam w says:

    dude get it greenlit on steam i would love for this to be ultra popular

  19. Duodecimal says:

    Really good to hear that H:S is still alive. I used to play Hidden exclusively for a long time, when I checked back a while ago I couldn’t even find one server and it made me sad. I’ve seen the Hunter mode Crysis 3 is going to have and it seems ok, but it just won’t have all the cool little things I’ve grown to love about Hidden.

  20. Ryan says:

    I miss this game a lot and I wish that they would bring it back or let someone else fix it up for them I definitely would for free. #bringthehiddenback

  21. Harry says:

    Rip Hidden

  22. Wyrtt says:

    Still waiting

  23. Tony says:

    Rip. This was a great mod when you guys were working hard on it. Not it’s just a footnote in a great line of hl2 mods. Also if the team that made this mod actually doing stuff I’d love to know.

  24. Will says:

    Damn. I wish this would come back

  25. Warlock says:

    So, how is the project doing today?

  26. winchell says:

    I miss you

  27. Marie says:

    Coming back to this to pay my respects to a long-forgotten mod. A memento from an age long past, it’s a shame that seemingly nobody remembers this mod anymore. It’s not dead, last online 11 years ago.

  28. Marc says:

    Hey! I know the last message seen in this forum was published more than 10 years ago but I still wanted to show love for this game.
    I discovered it a long time ago by a Spanish youtuber who played it with his friends.
    It’s a shame it got abandoned, I’m sure everybody would love this game if it came out today.
    Anyway it has given me hours of fun with my brother (that’s rare actually) and I will always be thankful for that.
    Have a nice one guys, wherever you are. <3

  29. Johnthegreat6609 says:

    it’s sad to see the death of this mod, i have had many fond memories of watching seananners content involving the hidden and playing the actual game itself

    au revoir, developers and those who find this comment

  30. Pétalomine says:

    Still holding onto hope! 🕵️ I remember the thrill of playing ‘The Hidden: Source’ years ago, and the rush of tracking down that elusive creature. It’s been a while, but the memories linger. Anyone out there thinking of reviving this gem? I’m almost motivated enough to gather a team and bring back the excitement. Let’s reignite this classic! 🔥

  31. petalomine says:

    Still holding onto hope! I remember the thrill of playing ‘The Hidden: Source’ years ago, and the rush of tracking down that elusive creature. It’s been a while, but the memories linger. Anyone out there thinking of reviving this gem? I’m almost motivated enough to gather a team and bring back the excitement.

  32. Kaz says:

    Along with a few of the other recent posts I just wanted to check in on what happened with this mod. I still remember playing this with my friends over 10 years ago and having some of the most fun I had with games back then. I hope the developers have been successful in their careers and it would be great to see where they’ve gone. Thanks for the great memories 🙂

  33. Skyking says:

    Curious, i only find out about it now due to the hidden nextbot but from what i see this looks fascinating. Call it leaving my regards to the hidden source before i truly got to know it. I’m just happy the forms here still exist.

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